Teeth Whitening In Hunt Valley, MD

A bright, white smile is something that most people want but few have naturally. With safe, effective, professional teeth whitening at Nathanson Dental, you can achieve the white smile you’ve always wanted, and in less time than you may think.

Professional teeth whitening at Nathanson Dental works great if you have staining habits such as drinking coffee, tea, and wine or past smoking habits, or tetracycline staining (which comes from certain medications). If your teeth are stained yellow, brown, or blue-gray (from tetracycline) then teeth whitening could definitely be for you!

We offer two different types of whitening at Nathanson Dental: take-home trays and in-office whitening with Philips Zoom! Whitening. We recommend doing both the take-home and the in-office whitening for maximum results. In office Zoom! Whitening offers immediate gratification if you would like a bright smile for an event or special occasion, while the at-home whitening maintains the brightness that was achieved, and sometimes even improves the level of whitening that is done in our office.

The Teeth Whitening Process

During your whitening consultation, we will evaluate your initial shade and talk about your whitening goals. We will also discuss whether whitening will be the most effective way to improve the color of your smile. Restorations in the front of the mouth, such as crowns or fillings, aren’t affected by teeth whitening, so alternative cosmetic treatments may be recommended.

If we determine that you are a good candidate for whitening, we will take custom tray impressions and send you home with a high fluoride toothpaste to use one to two weeks prior to your in-office whitening treatment. The toothpaste helps to cut down on any sensitivity that you may experience after having your teeth whitening.

Once the custom trays are made, you will return to our Hunt Valley dental office for your teeth whitening treatment. We begin the service by placing barriers over the soft tissue to protect from discoloration or irritation. Then we’ll place gel on the teeth and shine the Zoom lamp on the gel for fifteen minutes; we do this for three sessions. After the three sessions, you will wear a fluoride treatment for thirty minutes to help with any sensitivity you may experience. Your hygienist will show you how to use the take-home trays and the at-home whitening gel and you’ll be good to go!

To keep your smile looking its best, we offer the Forever White program to all our whitening patients. If you undergo teeth whitening at Nathanson Dental, you will be automatically enrolled in the program and receive take-home whitening gels at every hygiene visit for no additional cost.

To learn more about teeth whitening, schedule an appointment at our Hunt Valley dental office!

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